CA final preparation in 5 months. Possible ?

Are u struggling with the following questions in your mind :
  • What should be the CA final group 1 study strategy ?
  • What should be the CA final group 2 preparation tips ?
  • How to make CA final preparation chart ?
  • What should be the strategy to pass CA final exam and that too in short period of time?
ca final group 1 study strategy
how to prepare for ca final in 3 months

Now,coming to the main thing, your brain would be asking this- Would it be possible to clear CA Final and that too both groups in  five months, as it seems impossible to me ?

I got merely three months leave from articleship to prepare for exams and I did it. One of my friends got only one month leave and he performed outstanding in his results. And the example goes on.....

When you see the world around you, you will find that 'Ah, I have got 5 months leave. They have got merely 1 month.,I am so lucky chap. Thanks,God.'
ca final group 2 preparation in 1 month
how to crack ca final group 2

Now one hurdle is off. Now coming to the main hurdle and that is strategy of how to execute a winning plan? I can't tell you about the others but I can help you with my success formula which I think is foolproof. 

ca final group 1 in 1 month
how to get rank in ca final in 3 months

Disclaimer : Please don't imitate this plan as it is. Everyone has different way of studying. Decide accordingly. It is just a guidance. You have to travel yourself. 

  • My friends used to take one subject continuously for 15 days and thereafter, grab a hand on other one. But I used to study two subjects simultaneously for 15 days and thereafter switch to other 2 subjects. Reason being I felt bored by reading merely one subject and that too for 15 days !!!!   
          In next 15 days, I used to do practice manual of the previous subjects so that I do not forget the            earlier concepts and it was like a revision for me.
          Again writing, do not copy this plan as it is. It is just a hint.
  • Do not ever try to experiment with new books. Revisit the books which you have read as it will help you to memorize the things faster as compared to the new one.
  • And as told by me in the earlier answers, do socialize but in a limited manner. Just for the purpose of relaxation.
  • Don't ever get upset by the way your friends are doing preparation. Always remember you don't have to be smart. You have to be consistent.
ca final preparation time table
ca final preparation in one month

I think this answer would be more suitable for Nov2018 exams. For May 2018 CA exams, what I can is ALL THE BEST.