CA Final Preparation Chart


Hey Aditya

As exams are approaching nearby, there is a bit of hesitation. I am afraid that I will not be able to clear this CA exam despite being proper planning and making all CA Final preparation charts. Help me to get rid of this.


Hey buddy

In short, u want to know how to get rid of fear despite making all CA Final preparation charts ?

If you are afraid, then I assure u that u are not abnormal.

If u have the fear of failure, then I can say that u are a human.

Who does not get scared when they are doing something for the first time and that thing on which their whole career depends ?

I was afraid when I gave my CPT papers.

I was afraid of not getting success when I gave my IPCC papers.

I was afraid of failure when I gave my Final papers.

But somehow, I cleared them all and that too in first attempts !!!

Coming to the main point of discussion, if u say that u have studied according to the full planning, i.e. by making CA Final/ CA IPCC preparation charts and understood what is required for clearing exams, then u have won half the battle.

Now, u have fear which needs to be controlled otherwise ur whole preparation of the battle will go in vain.

And friends, this fear is like a monkey which can be controlled and if taken under our control, then I can assure u that it will produce miracles.

So, I won't say "Don't worry" but I would say worry about how to control your fear and not on how will u clear ur exams.

All the best for your upcoming exams !!!!!