Fresh Chartered Accountant Salary- Average range of Chartered Accountant Salary

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I am a fresher Chartered Accountant and have applied for campus placements along with off-campus interviews. One question that is disturbing me till date is what should I quote my expectations for salary in interviews ?

Hey Buddy

Following words are creating fuss in your mind :

  • What should be the idle range of salary for newly qualified accountant ?  
  • What is the correct figure of chartered accountant salary ?
  • How much a newly qualified chartered accountant can earn per month ?
  • What is the average Chartered Accountant salary ?
what is ca salary
CA Salary has no limits if you know what and where to do what ?

Keeping a full stop on all of your queries, I would say that the current trend that is going for salary for fresher Chartered Accountants is between INR 4 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs, wherein 4 lakhs are being offered by CA firms and 10 lakhs by Corporate biggies.
ca scope and salary
Starting salary of CA Fresher

Now, please don't take this as a benchmark. This is a just a observation derived from the facts and figures published by the ICAI. Two of my friends, got placed at packages of 7 figures and that too in India.

ca chartered accountant salary
CA Salary in Big corporate world

Though your academics matter much, but when it comes to practical world, what matters much more is your talent and attitude of doing work. If you can prove to the company that you have the requisite skills to do the work, your chances of getting higher packages are very very high.
ca starting salary package
Qualified Accountant salary has no bars

In campus interviews, you don't have the chance to negotiate the salary packages. But when it comes to off-campus ones, you hold a much better position if you have a positive and the best attitude.

So, go out and break the benchmarks, my CA buddies.   

qualified chartered accountant salary
Break the limit of fully qualified accountant salary