My scores in mock test paper CA final may 2018 are low. Will I be able to clear the exams ?

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  • In ICAI mock test paper CA final papers, I scored decent marks. I am losing my confidence. What should I do ?
  • Mock test paper CA final may 2018 was really tough. Help me out.
  • My friends are scoring great in mock test but this is not the case with me. Save me !!!
  • Are ICAI mock tests helpful ?
  • What is the importance of ICAI mock tests ?
Hey buddy

It seems you do not know about the concept of Net Practice in cricket or warm up in football or take any other sports, you will notice this common thing : many great players fail there as they try to experiment new things but this does not mean they will fail at the final matches also.
icai mock test paper ca final
Are ICAI mock tests helpful ?

What they do is simply practice the old successful habits and experiment new things in the warm up. If that succeeds then it is fine and if not, they go on with the existing ones as you know that world demands results, not excuses !!!!

Same is the case with Mock test paper for CA final May 2018. These are your warm ups. Practice here as much as you can and learn here as much as you can but ensure that this experimentation does not loose your confidence in yourself.
ca final mock test dates
ICAI mock test importance

Experiment new things like if i write answers point wise, if I explain things with example, how to plan the time so that I can complete the answers etc....

There are a lot of stuff to look for in this thing.

About your friends, I am saying this again, your friend will not come to help you. You have to help yourself. If he is scoring good, then let it be. It is his marks. You need to work upon yourself.

If you are fully confident enough that you do not need to give Mock test paper for CA final may 2018 then it is up to you. But take your decisions carefully and wisely.

All the best for your upcoming CA final May 2018 papers.

If you have any other queries, let me know. Always available for you.

Disclaimer : This article is equally applicable for IPCC students too.
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