Life after becoming Chartered Accountant- Myths Cleared

Benefits and disadvantages of being a Chartered Accountant- Myths cleared

Are you facing following questions within your mind :
  • Why be an accountant ?
  • Life as an accountant ?
  • Challenges of being an accountant ?
  • Benefits of being an accountant
  • What benefits do you get from being an accountant ?

This is a general post which I am writing after interacting with various ICAI students. Majority of students with whom I interacted, they said that they dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant merely because life would become easier for them. There would be no challenges and money would come to you automatically. There would be no need of hard work and blah, blah, blah..............

chartered accountant salary in india
CA is equivalent to chilling. Right ?

So, let's start with myths and their clarification :

  • Life would become easier for CAs-  
You have seen your Principal or your boss working during your article-ship tenure. Have you ever observed he is sitting idle and all work happening automatically ?

chartered accountant india course details
It is all about hardwork and determination.

I think the answer would be NO as automation has not developed to such extent that work would  occur at its own pace. There is need of some experienced person who can see this work. You would have seen your boss talking with clients, sorting out the issues, talking with government officials etc.

scope of chartered accountant in india
Give it a thought and you will find that life is not so tough as it seems to be.

I would like to say that if you want a easier life, then you are suited for clerical job. You have chosen the wrong course. This course is meant for those who like to accept challenges and overcome them. There is no profession in this world which can guarantee you easiness.

work of chartered accountant
Challenges are good for health.

So start working on your skills and instead, of focusing on life getting easy, focus on the challenges and overcome them. 

  • Money would flow automatically-
If this happens sure shot, each and every person in this world would have joined this course and there would be no issue of unemployment and poverty. But this is not the case. There is no profession or business in this world which can guarantee that you will earn this amount of profit. Everything is uncertain.

how to become a chartered accountant after 12th
Uncertainty is great and fun.

As explained earlier, you have to work smarter to earn money. It would not flow automatically in your pocket. As rightly said, success is not achieved, it is earned.

  • You would earn packages of crores 
Again, if everyone would be MS Dhoni, there won't be Sachin Tendulkar or Ganguly. 

Everyone has different capabilities and skills and mindset and they will get what they deserve. Rest will depend on how much they dedicate themselves to what they are doing. 

become a chartered accountant
Control your mind and you will control the world.

One of my friends was recruited at a package of INR 6 lakhs and after 2 years, he was earning a handsome package of INR 14 lakhs. It all depends on your acumen.

  • You would be dealing with high class people
First of all, make this point very clear that there is no high class people nor lower class people.

If you will continue with this style, you will never be able to work properly and this thinking can damage your long term relationships with your clients.

chartered accountant qualification
See every person as your client.

See every person as your client or friend as time knows, anyone can help you in your miserable time.  

The only benefit that you will receive after becoming CA is that this course will teach you how to be patient and strong and this is the only quality required to live a happier life.

what is the qualification for chartered accountant
Become strong and confident. Rest of the things will follow soon.

For the time being, these are the myths which I got from CA students. If you have any other, do let me know in the comments box.

chartered accountant career
Share your comments please.


  1. Please give your views on
    "Practice V/s Job"

    1. Sure Jitendra, this would be covered in the upcoming post.

      Thanks for your time and support.

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